Dave Hickey is my friend…

Actually he’s not. I’ve never met him. OK, so even if he doen’t know it, I’m his friend and if he want’s one, I’ll give him the t-shirt to prove it.

That’s all to say that I’ve really enjoyed the articles I’ve read by him recently and his 2007 lecture at Frieze Art Fair was great.

This month he’s contributed a piece to Art In America calling for collectors and dealers to start (to grossly summarize) sifting the dimes from the poo. Rather than freaking out about the market and prices and closings, etc. Hickey’s asking for the crap to be culled and for people to start taking a stand for something again instead of buying everything in order to hedge their bets.

Fine with me.

Here are some shows of artists I will happily stand behind and promote:

Julie Allen @ McKenzie Fine Art opens Thursday, Feb 12.

Julie’s sewn constructions are joy to encounter and rarely leave you without tugging at another conversation altogether. This show promises the bonus of a drawing that might could make you cry.

Rico Gatson @ Ronald Feldman Gallery I’ve become familiar with Gatson’s work within the last 5 years and find it increasingly beautiful and provocative. I’m excited to see this new video work.

Alfonse Borysewicz @ DFN Gallery This is a group show titles Abstract/Nature. I had the privilege of meeting Alfonse and visiting his studio recently. It was a great experience. This is a guy who seriously knows from paint and why.

I’ve got a couple of small pieces going into a group show at Cooper Union on Tuesday, February 24th. I think I might hang some of the new work from my studio, but haven’t quite decided yet. You haven’t seen it yet and it’s dope.

OK, here’s some meat and potatoes.

ArtForum this month has a couple of articles relating to painting that you should probably check out if you paint, draw, collage or something near those. In fact, I think it’s a pretty important conversation, although he seems to give Twombly more credit than I think he’s due.

Achim Hochdörfer
Michelle Kuo

There’s also an article on Martin Kippenberger.

yeah, you should start actually reading ArtForum again.

oh, and here are some blogs you should be reading (…pushy today, sorry, I drank more coffee than usual).

Matthews The Younger. Rob’s based in Philly, but don’t hold that against him. He like’s Bonnie Prince Billy, pulled pork, and makes work to be jealous of. Not only does he also know his music, Matthew Fisher contributes from time to time and that’s a serious bonus. Fisher knows what it’s about and explains it well.

Daniel Siedell’s blog. If you’re a Christian and make art, you need to read this and his book, God in the Gallery. If you’re not a Christian and make art, you need to read these so you can get some proof that we’re not all Kirk Cameron.

I know there’s more, but I’m still getting started and if you send me links I’ll probably post them.




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  1. Hi Wayne,
    Great blogging, you have developed a language that is intelligent and friendly. I’m not surprised, you’re Letting it shine.

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