Cool Faces in New Spaces…

Last Sunday John asked if I wanted to check out a new space that his friend, Rico Gatson was showing at.

Of course I did.


The new space is Pocket Utopia, located in Bushwick.

Tomorrow–Sun noon–6pm.

Ongoing through Feb 24

Address: 1037 Flushing Avenue Bushwick, Brooklyn
Phone: 718-303-2047
Travel: Subway: L to Morgan Ave Plan Route

Time out Gave them a recommendation:

This show navigates identity politics through a series of sculptures, paintings, collage and video. Through Sun 24.

I thought it was a solid show. Not too familiar with Gatson’s work, I liked the formal qualities of the sculptures and how he used them in creating a conversation about identity and politics.

There was a constructed stage that reminded me of a Felix Gonzalez-Torrez performance piece I’ve read about. It was small and silver with blinking lights at the base, really making you want to shout something profound to the audience (whoever was there) or sing karaoke.

A small edition of a Nina Simone print is on display, giving younger (and less wealthy) collectors access to a Gatson piece for a slim $200. This is a deal, considering the sculptures begin around $5K (that’s purely from memory).

Overall, I’m excited for new and interesting spaces popping up around the city.

I hope Pocket Utopia can keep it up.




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