Getting it done and Basking in the sun…


Hi everybody!

Upcoming shows: If anyone’s in Grand Rapids, MI next week, I have two pictures going up in their alumni photography show opening Feb. 8. Check local listings for details.

***Note – A short political opinion follows***

Next Tuesday is the super one. Don’t forget to vote. If you’ve participated in my Jesus Portrait series, perhaps that will help you make a decision – vote like you would if you were Jesus (He’s got my official endorsement in every election). What were His concerns and who represents them? How did His kingdom compare with the direction of our country and the candidates?

Also, I highly recommend reading “God’s Politics” by Jim Wallace. Indeed, God is not a Republican or a Democrat and shame on those who ascribe God to one or the other party, exclusively.

***End political opinion***

Back to business…

I happen to be in the extremely fortunate position of being friends with a lot of people who I would easily put in the category of “doers.” People who know how to get things done and prove it to you before talking to you about it. I think I’m more in the category of “people who talk too much about their ideas before actually doing anything,” but I’m working on it.

I’ll give you a few brief examples.

1) My wife gets more done than any of us. Working full-time, writing like madness and freelance editing – she sets the bar high.

2) My friend Matt decides how he wants his life to happen and makes it so. A couple of years ago he told me that he wanted to move out of NYC to a house on a lake, near a college that was in a progressive area where he could ride his bike to work (which would be as a preschool teacher) and have a studio.

My response was basically “go for it and buy me some mouse-ears while you’re there.” Three months later I was helping him move into a house on a lake, in western Massachusetts, near 5 colleges, where he has a studio, a sweet teaching gig (that he rides his bike to) and a farm coop nearby. I ate my (locally-grown, organic) words and drove home.

Matt gets it done.

3) Another artist friend of mine, John, decided that he wasn’t satisfied with how his life was structured. He was working at an unsatisfying job as an art consultant and felt rather stagnant (his art was cruising along steadily, meanwhile). So he decided to change things by starting a school – funded by his alma matter in MN for art students to live and study in New York. 3 or so years later, the school is a huge asset to art students that don’t live in New York or LA and has hosted shows in its gallery that anyone in Chelsea would be jealous of. John gets it done too.

4) My last example is a rather new friend. He is someone I haven’t known very long, but is none-the-less, extremely inspiring in his ability to make things happen.

His name is Thom.

BASK is his company.

Renewable energy solutions.

Dig it.

This is the kind of creativity, ingenuity, and determination I get inspired by. I thought I’d pass it along.





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2 responses to “Getting it done and Basking in the sun…

  1. matt

    hello wayne,
    i am humbled by your kindness and friendship.
    thank you. you also work harder than anyone i know, get’em tiger.

  2. Well thanks Wayne,

    That means a whole lot.

    Ain’t so bad yer self.

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