Bag it 2.0

Hi folks.

Sorry for the hiatus. I got a little overly nerdy about teaching and basically wiped my schedule clean for a while. Well, back in action.

Starting the year a little slow, but hopefully it will ramp up nicely.

Upcoming events:

IAM is having their annual conference (calling it an encounter this year) at the end of February. I have a tendency to be skeptical about these things, but every single time I go I’m really impressed with a lot of what goes on (the keynote speakers have been excellent every time I’ve been there). This year they have some interesting people lined up, including a recent favorite – artist Tara Donovan. It looks like I might be doing a collaborative project with them during the event, so if you’re coming out, drop by and say hi (and participate!). They seem to be moving specifically to re-brand themselves as an organization that’s not specifically evangelistic. I know they’ve technically been a non-religious institution for a while; but, anyone familiar with IAM is also probably familiar with Mako and his ties to college ministry. This seems like a good move for them, as it broadens the scope of the conversations they can have and lends them credibility with those unfamiliar with or unenthusiastic about certain college ministries.

I mean, I like the college students as much as anyone (my first class went relatively well yesterday, btw), but campus ministries have left a lingering bad taste in my mouth and if IAM wants to be serious about its stated mission of encouraging artists in creating “the world that ought to be” well, they need to focus a little more on the artists, because they’ve already targeted the art-students. We’ll see how it goes, but my recent conversation left me hopeful.

word. I’m going.


Here’s a bag I started just before the Christmas break and finished a couple weeks ago. It’s inspired by this Make Magazine video.

Recycle, yo.




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  1. Sexo

    The bag is totally Boss…

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