1$ and an MFA will get you a cup of coffee in New York…

Hi Folks,

New shows opening this week:

My co-worker, Emily Roz, is in a group show at 31 Grand, opening tonight.

Another co-worker, Hans Haacke, has an opening at Paula Cooper tomorrow.  

New work up on my site:

Check out the recently-posted monochrome paintings on waynestead.com.


“So Fresh and So Clean” from the monochrome paintings series  


I’m teaching a class this semester at The New School.  It sort of fell out of the sky, unexpectedly, when I was having lunch with an acquaintance who happens to work there and suddenly asked if I was interested in teaching.  Well, one thing lead to another and I’m signed up to teach a class on critical reading and writing (for design).  Those of you in the academic field may be done groaning over the enormously painful experience I am about to undertake, but it actually seems very interesting how they structure it and incorporate semiotics, formal analysis and art history into a class on writing term papers.  In light of the class, and being that it’s my first time teaching it…and my first class in a while, I’ve got some work to do.  

Sorry for the short post. 



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