Dave Hickey preaches hellfire and brimstone.


Well, not in the Biblical sense, but definitely in the art sense.

He’s a genius at what he does. Invited to speak as the keynote of the Frieze art fair in London, Hickey gave the perfect speech for his audience. Everyone else has probably already talked this to death, but if you haven’t heard it or read it, I think it should be required reading/listening.

Here’s my overly-simplistic summary

I. The art world sucks and most of it is crap and over-priced.

II. No one is willing to risk backing what they believe in.

III. Someone has to step up and just buy/show what they really like.

IV. Go out and buy stuff.

Everyone got challenged for perpetuating a failed (finite) system and encouraged to buy new stuff. Artists got kicked to make interesting work and a plug for someone to buy it when they like it. Throw in a few curses and drug references and you have an entertaining speech.

…oh, and there were some other rather poignant bits in there that shouldn’t be missed.

One of the things I liked was the point he made that “if you want to be an icon of virtue, this is the moment because you’ll stand out.” He rips the industry for being shallow, greedy and cheating and poses the new fashion art trend – integrity.

Character is the new sleaze.

If you weren’t careful, you might have gotten the idea Hickey was looking for modern art that fulfilled its expectations. He calls post-modernism dead after 911, history after Robert Kennedy’s death, and modernism alive and at it’s height (we still haven’t quite gotten rid of medievalism yet).

*religious note* Please let pastors know that post-modernism is finally over and the church can stop holding committee meetings to figure out what it means and how to make it sound “adult contemporary.” Anyone caught discussing post-modernism in the foyer shall be commanded to visit shut-ins ’til Easter. *end note*

The priceless moment was at the very end when Hickey said (paraphrase), “This is great, I made you all want to go out and buy stuff. I should sell Christian real estate.” nice.

Here’s to makin’ new stuff!


Still a Veg Head…

Monday, November 5, 2007

Breakfast: Raisin Bran, coffee

Lunch: Burrito (really)
Dinner: random leftovers

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Breakfast: Raisin Bran, coffee
Lunch: Vietnamese sandwich

Dinner: pizza (mushroom)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Breakfast: last of the Raisin Bran, coffee
Lunch: Vietnamese spring rolls over noodles.
Dinner: Sweet potato pot pie (puff pastry crust) awesome.





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2 responses to “Dave Hickey preaches hellfire and brimstone.

  1. Regroup_gr

    Hey Wayne,

    It’s great to know Dave Hickey is still the pissed off accountability officer for contemporary art.

    I stumbled on your page when I was looking for your email to let you know I still have those slides of your work from way back when. Email me with your address and I will send them back home!

    Best- Matt in GR
    regroup.gr (((AT))) gmail

  2. matt anderson

    Hi Wayne,
    I love the writing you do. It is personally informed and enjoyable to read, without pretentious goob. Much like the new paintings, which are material blogs-mogs or rogs or vogs. yep. hope to see you soon. I’ve been teaching a free drawing class in the basement. You should see the sweet drawing horses I built.

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