The Drop in…

Openings of note:

The two things flagged on my art calendar are next week:

Friday, Nov2, The TM Sisters performance at ArtistsSpace, part of Performa 07.

Saturday, Nov 3, Rob Matthews has work in The Blogger Show.

Agni Gallery: 170 East 2nd st, Storefront #3, 6-9pm

Dig it.

Here’s the milk and cookies:


I’m a fan of the drop in. You know, when you’re in someone’s neighborhood and you just stop by to see if they’re home and say hi – with no expectations. This is an obvious signifier that I am not from New York – that and my taste for Faygo pop and the wet burrito (think large enchilada). As far as I know, there are only two other people who favor the drop in living in NYC. One of them lives down the hall from me in our apartment building and the other just moved to Massachusetts.

I only mention this because my friend Dayton was in town for some crazy board meeting or something and ended up visiting my studio. It wasn’t quite a drop in, I knew he was in town, but I wasn’t planning for a visit either. He caught me at a weird time because I basically had every rambling thought progression strewn out all over the place as a result of a frenetic rebellion from my previous series of photo-based paintings. They’ll probably come back around, but are safely stored overhead for the time being. I’m glad he dropped by.

I also found out about a great pirate-related project of his that brings my total participant count up to 4 for a full-on pirate themed show (5 if Albert was serious about tanning an eye-patch on me for a photo shoot). There’s also a friend of Beth’s who spent some time interviewing contemporary pirates (real ones, that actually raid ships and pillage, not dress like Johnny Depp). ARRRRR(t)! yeah, dry like that. I’m totally sewing a Jolly Roger from old t-shirts.

After the schizo frenzy of my studio we hopped over to Artists Space for “On Being An Exhibition.” You can barely see it in the middle picture, but Conrad’s got a sculpture of a projector sitting on an old Art Forum and catalogs of Artists Space participants. Next we tooled down to Location One. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the video project on display, but their space is dope and their donation box made reference to All Your Base Are Belong To Us so they have cred, and I mean geek cred.

We checked out Keith Tyson’s Large Field Array again, because Dayton hadn’t seen it and I wanted to know if I was smoking crack when I thought it sparked a shift in my thinking. I didn’t. It did. I don’t think it’s necessarily an awesome piece, but for me, it reiterated something rattling around in the empty cavern of my mind regarding how I view “the image.”

Then we headed over to James Cohan Gallery for the opening of Folkert De Jong’s new work. I liked it. The sculptures had an energy and freshness that I thought was going to get lost in some weird nostalgia for children’s stories. Instead, I found myself thinking about them, reprimanding myself for being a sap, admiring the looseness of the material and construction and wishing I had made a foam pirate hat.

So about the drop in…after the show we were going to go to dinner with a few people who hadn’t evacuated the city following their meeting but at the last minute found out we were eating at Albert Pedulla‘s house. That totally felt like a drop in. Technically it wasn’t, but I was all set for restaurant and 30 seconds later I’m standing in someone’s kitchen. Fortunately, Albert and Nancy are fantastic hosts and hopefully will forget 2/3 of what I said that night.

Billy Maker came over to the studio on Monday and gave me some really great advice….put crap away. He knows my work well enough to be able to slog through it and knows me well enough to say “you need to get that out of here and concentrate on that.” Thanks for removing the speed bumps. I feel like I can crank it up a notch or two.

Off to the catskills!




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4 responses to “The Drop in…

  1. seXo

    Always fun… Yet I prefer you saying ‘boss’ than ‘dope’… It interferes with my reading. Vocabulary is important to my understanding of a blog and its credibility. But, it may also be all that ‘crack’…

  2. Here’s to forgetting 2/3 of what was said at dinner! Cheers!

  3. Sebastien

    thanks for mentioning the donation box slideshow! took me 10 geek years to make it.

  4. No hey problemo.

    I loved the donation box. *Insert hilarious reference to the IT Crowd (British sitcom).*

    As it turns out Eun Ju Chung is now working with us at Cooper Union, so I hear a lot more about what’s going on at Location 1. It’s a great space and I think an interesting premise/mission.

    I wouldn’t presume to get it shown there, but going there reminded me to re-visit a video piece I did in collaboration with an opera singer – using an aria from St. Matthew’s Passion.

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