I am an artist and so can you…

First off, this show looks interesting and includes one of my friends, Conrad Bakker. I can’t be more enthusiastic about Conrad’s work. It’s brilliant. You need to see it.

Opening tonight:
ARTISTS SPACE, 38 Greene Street, 3rd Flr, New York, NY 10013
OCTOBER 10 – DECEMBER 22, 2007

BGL (Quebec City, Canada), Conrad Bakker (Urbana, IL), Beth Campbell
(Brooklyn, NY), Valerie Hegarty (New York, NY), Germaine Koh
(Vancouver, Canada), Isola and Norzi (Torino, Italy), Chadwick
Rantanen (San Francisco, CA), Derek Sullivan (Toronto, Canada), Anne
Walsh/Chris Kubick (Oakland, CA), Lee Walton (Greensboro, NC), Laurel
Woodcock (Toronto, Canada), and a public program by C.U.P.

On Being an Exhibition borrows Michael Asher’s “Situational
Aesthetics” as a point of departure toward the development of an
exhibition that leverages this pre-conditioning of the viewer, the
physical language of the gallery, and the packaging and promotion of
its contents. By implicating these infra-structural aspects of the
institution, On Being An Exhibition intends to interrupt the
situation of the gallery experience and re-contextualize the
production of an exhibition.

Hi Folks,

Last weekend I was able to go down to Grounds for Sculpture for a show featuring Dayton Castleman among selected graduate work around the country. Rob Matthews has a good review w/ pics. I met Rob and a few others from Dayton’s Philly crew at the show. It seems like there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on there. Beth and I are heading down this weekend to hang out with some friends and hope to check out a few things, including these:

Eastern State Penitentiary – yay, prison! I’m looking forward to seeing Dayton’s installation, but Beth pointed out that they’re also decked out for Halloween with Terror Behind the Walls. A haunted house in a former prison = awesome.

Also on deck is a trip to Jenny Jaskey Gallery. I was looking forward to checking out the gallery, if I could find it, when we went out to Philly, but then I ran into her at Dayton’s show and had a chance to talk to her a bit more. Her enthusiasm for her program and the artists she represents is palpable and it seems like she’s trying to push herself and the gallery in new and interesting directions.

…and I can’t wait for my copy of the latest book from my favorite performance artist to arrive.




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  1. Good to see ya at the show Wayne… Have fun in Philly!

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