Involuntary Collaborations…a call for participation.

Greetings and salutations.

My apologies for the lack of post last week.  As many know, my uncle passed away and we consequently spent our 4th of July in upstate New York on my other uncle’s farm – lots of stories there.   One could say it was an educational experience for The Diligent Farmhand (more to come).

I recently realized that I post more about Christianity/religion than about art.  I feel like this needs to change.  We have plenty of people writing about religion and not that many writing about art – at least from the perspective of someone interested in Christianity/religion.  So that’s the direction I’m heading.

On that note, a friend recommends the blog, PaintersNYC for anyone interested in conversations about art.

Right now, if I were posting to PaintersNYC one of my own pieces, I might post this:


currently untitled from the Involuntary Collaborations series, 2007, oil.

So here is a call for participation.  A call for collaboration.  I want your art trash.  I’m looking for paintings or drawings (at this point) that you are willing to discard or otherwise part with.  Pieces you’ve started but didn’t work, bad underpaintings, paintings that aren’t working out and are not worth re-stretching and the like.  I want them for a project with the working title, Involuntary Collaborations.

This is a project of taking existing paintings and working into them to make something new.  The end product is neither fully detached from the original artist nor completely owned by me.  This is an ongoing project, recently began with a group of discarded paintings from the painting department of Cooper Union School of Art.  Early pieces addressed formal and conceptual problems within the paintings on an individual basis whereas more recent ones adhere to a tighter set of conceptual boundaries regarding subject.

Please contribute your unfinished, unwanted or otherwise abandoned canvases (or panels, etc) for this project.  For those of you out of the NYC area, I will pay for shipping (USPS book rate).  Please limit shipped donations to the smaller/lighter side of the spectrum (use your judgment, but I can’t afford to ship huge, heavy boxes or crates).

Images of completed paintings will be posted (coming soon) on my site: under the series title.

Here’s another finished Involuntary Collaboration:


currently untitled from the Involuntary Collaborations series, 2007, oil.

Pieces sent do not have to be created by the donor, but must be owned by sher/him or otherwise discarded by the original artist.

I’m open to your feedback and waiting for your packages (let me know they’re coming).

Please address shipments to my office location:

Wayne Adams

c/o Cooper Union School of Art Computer Studio

7 east 7th st

New York, NY 10003

** This project, nor the content thereof, is not affiliated with Cooper Union School of Art or The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art**



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