The New Best Book Ever Written…On Shelves Today!

ok folks, The Book of Jane debuts today in stores and online across America.

…and yes, I know it’s not the Bible, but I did say “new” and I’ll just differ to let it hold the fiction category title.

I probably don’t need to tell you of its greatness, but it’s great…definitely the best one yet.

Here’s the press release:

Jane Williams has it all—her dream job, the perfect apartment in Manhattan, and the man she’s going to marry. She has her life figured out, and there isn’t a happier girl in all of New York. But what if, her friend Lee asks, she didn’t have it so good? Before she knows it, she seems to be the victim of a curse so awful that it seems almost, well, Biblical. She loses her home, her friends, her job, her boyfriend, her dog—but what about her faith? How will she react as her carefully-constructed world crumbles at her feet? With everything she holds dear gone, will she discover what she really wants? Witty, poignant, and refreshingly real, The Book of Jane is a modern twist on a classic tale of loss and renewal and a hilarious look at the real meaning of success.

“A lighthearted chick lit version of the Book of Job? Improbably, it works, primarily because of the marvelous humor and urbane sensibility that mark this third novel from the authors of Consider Lily and Emily Ever After. On a dime, New York publicist Jane Williams loses everything she holds dear—her boyfriend, her cool West Village apartment, her enviable job. To top it off, her dog gets sick, she’s released as Brownie troop leader to the daughters of Manhattan’s glitterati, and she’s got a bizarre facial rash, making Jane lament that her life is now “worse than a country music song.” Slowly, Jane comes to see God’s love and providence in new ways—”though he hides it well, God must still be in charge,” she muses—and is surprised to find herself developing romantic feelings for a Darcy-esque nemesis. Sex and the City without the sex, Dayton and Vanderbilt’s novel is a laugh-out-loud love song to New York City.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

You can waive comments in lew of purchases.



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