One among many…Group Show Opening Friday!

This week’s post is an announcement.  Rest assured that I have insightful, witty and challenging topics  waiting in the wings.

Ok, so advanced noticed out the door.

For those of you in the vicinity, I am in a group show opening Friday (yes, tomorrow).

The press release is printed below.

sarah bowen gallery
210 North Sixth Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York 11211
Tel. 718.302.4517 Fax. 718.302.4518

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release

The Submissions Show
June 8, 2007 — July 15, 2007
Reception: Friday, June 8, 2007
7 — 9 P.M.

Wayne Adams • Yvonne Albinowski • Winston Barnett • Joe Banish • Hilary Basing • Renee
Bouchard • Michelle Cheikin • Felix Cid • Sam Faix • Jonathan Gitelson • Asia Ingalls • Kharis
Kennedy • Peter Konsterlie • Steven Labadessa • Matt Larson • Vivian Liddell • Monika Malweska
• Desi Minchillo • Robert Mirek • Eileen Murphy • Alan Neider • Trevor Reese • Bailey Russel •
Annie Sailer • Rafael Salas • Jamie Samuels • Kiki Slaughter • Cindy Tower • Ben Watkins • Ellen
Warfield • Eileen Weitzman • Jane Zweibel

Sarah Bowen Gallery presents “The Submissions Show”; an exhibition of 32 artists who submitted portfolios in the
past year.  The show gives a preview of the abundance of working artists striving to gain gallery representation.
The idea of a gallery or exhibition space can be debated as a conundrum, however exhibiting in a gallery space is
generally perceived as a point of access to the important tastemakers and consumers of our time; the critics,
writers, philanthropists, other acclaimed artists, and more importantly the market.

“What’s it all about, Alfie?”  One might apply this flippant question to the art enthusiasts and professionals of
current as the perception that the art world seems to be running around in circles trying to extrude some truth
seems all too familiar.  It is no secret that subjectivity runs rampant in the Arts.  Theory upon theory, testimonials
and blanket statements of half-truths or lies profess to know what we as a culture can’t inevitably decide with any
certainty until the future.  Therefore even with the most seasoned and astute tastemakers it feels sometimes the
determinant for choosing art is akin to gambling.

Though the recent flurry to find the next best thing that gets the greatest market value can be seen in a number of
shows featuring works of rather young artists; this exhibition includes works by tenured professionals as well as
recent graduates, adding to the variety of visual stimuli.  The variety of submissions, though only a minute sector
of today’s artists, only affirms the fact that there are a significant amount of artists working fervently to get into the

Given a one page guideline of how to submit work, the contract was that the submission would not only be looked
at but responded to with written feedback.  The structure of the show is that all the artists who followed the
submission guidelines were invited to participate “because of their initiative” to follow through with the part of the
job now days for artists to be half creator and half their own public relations representative.  I am impressed with
the quality of the work on an individual basis, but taken in as a whole, the show, though perhaps over saturated
with visual dialogue is inspiring as it affirms the creative spirit is most definitely thriving.  -sb

sarah bowen gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday, 12 – 6 pm and by appointment.  The gallery is located at 210 North Sixth Street,
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, 11211.  Directions: L Train to Bedford Avenue stop, take Driggs exit, walk one block south to Sixth Street, and
then 1⁄2 block East.  The gallery is located between Driggs and Roebling on the right hand side.


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