Making Heaven (Art, Christianity and Social Activism) Part1


Thanks, John, for sending me this article in the NY Times about the “no impact man’s” project to reduce his carbon footprint.

Currently, I think my carbon shoe size is about a 3,000,000. I’m sure Nike would be glad to accommodate.

This got me thinking about some other reading I have been doing lately. Last night I was formulating a hypothesis on how Art, Christianity and Social Activism are inextricably tied (if you’re a Christian).

What I was reading was an article in “But is is Art: An Introduction to Art Theory” about Group Material. This is a collaborative group who’s goal was to question cultural norms and produce a culturally activist art for all people. Their exhibitions centered around individual issues and sought to turn power structures of economy, race, elitism, etc on end.

What struck me was how similar this sounded to church – or Christianity in general. Isn’t it the goal of Christians to upend destructive social and cultural systems that disenfranchise, oppress and marginalize? Shouldn’t our churches be models for this practice? Shouldn’t we?

So this is where we get back to Colin Beavan and his family. They are taking part in a form of environmentally-focused cultural activism. This makes me re-consider my position on the environment. Should we be leading examples of environmentalism also? I think so, yes. I mean, we were actually mandated by God to care for the earth, not crap on it for some idyllic notion of an other-world heaven. Hell, it seems, is often referenced in the Bible as a present reality which we are to strive against.

so now what?

I don’t exactly know, but I want to get it going.

more to come…



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One response to “Making Heaven (Art, Christianity and Social Activism) Part1

  1. What was Jesus if not (at least one of) the greatest activists of all time?

    You might like the Activism Forums.

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