Dirty Gospel…

Greetings and salutations,

Sunday we went to church at a bar.

I like this concept. Our regular church doesn’t serve beer, so this one just gets props right off the back – as long as they can hold their theology.

Reverend Vince Anderson spoke.


He isn’t the usual pastor at Revolution Church, but I’ll get to that in another post. He is a member of Revolution, and was called upon to speak in the absence of the regular pastor.

This was cool.

I was excited right from the get-go. As soon as he introduced himself, I knew it was going to be great (at least really interesting), because I have seen Rev. Vince before – in a much different context.

The last time I “experienced” Rev. Vince Anderson was at a great little restaurant/bar in Williamsburg called Black Betty. He had his band, the “Love Choir” were rockin’ it old school with what he dubs “dirty gospel.” This was like an extra scene from The Blues Brothers or a Broadway musical where everyone spontaneously starts dancing and shouting to the call and response.

My friend Matt Anderson (coincidence?) brought me and was as enthusiastic as anybody. Mind you, Matt doesn’t claim allegiance to Jesus or the gospel (he likes to tell the story of accepting mayonnaise as his personal savior), not that he’s opposed per-say, but Rev Vince was singin and preachin a gospel that Matt could get into and would come back for. Me too.

Apparently, he still plays there every Monday.

EVERY MONDAY!!! @ Black Betty

10: 30 pm till late ( 2-3 sets)
Black Betty is located at
366 Metropolitan and Havemeyer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718) 599-0243
Take the L or G to metro/lorimer stop and walk under the bqe on Metropolitan. In about 3 blocks you’ll hit it on your left at Havemeyer.

Dirty Gospel? Get your mind out of the gutter. This means, according to Anderson, that he preaches a gospel that’s down to earth, gritty, messy, and dirty. Jesus got dirty in His ministry. He hung out with the poor, the “unclean,” the sick, the outcast. In other words, Jesus’ gospel isn’t spotless and shiny, it’s rough and it’s real.

Sometimes in order to clean, you have to get dirty.

Rev. Vince basically got up and apologized for not being prepared (he said he had agreed to preach about 15 minutes before church started) and laid into the story of how he came to know God, became Rev. Vince Anderson, and started THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY UNRULY SPIRIT OF GOD IN CHRIST. Well, it wasn’t the Romans Road but it got his point across – God loves Vince Anderson, changed his life, gave him a calling, and wants to do the same for you.

Not bad for no notice.

If you’re in the neighborhood, I’d totally recommend checking out his Monday night “service.” It’s an experience to remember (and repeat).





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3 responses to “Dirty Gospel…

  1. so tell me about the theology of bakker’s church–i’m totally fascinated! have watched a bit of the show, which is way too addictive πŸ™‚

  2. The show’s totally great.

    I’m actually upping my nerdness and listening to some of the sermons (I usually only download Rob Bell sermons from http://www.mhbcmi.org/findex.html) from Revolution’s site. I assume that I’ll get a better sense of it there. Discussion to follow…

  3. i’m totally interested in hearing more–and happy new year πŸ™‚

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