New and Improved…

The wayne-o-sphere is back!

It’s new and improved.

New look (obviously).

Improved consistency (weekly).

…and new content.

Given the complete randomness of the previous iteration, I’ve decided to narrow the focus to two discussions I find myself enjoying repeatedly:

Art and Christianity.

If you know me (and if you’re reading this, you probably do) you’ll know that I’m not into proselytizing with this. It’s more that my experience and knowledge best suits me to blog about these topics – and I don’t see it happening much.

So here we go.



My first post is an article that came out today in Comment Magazine.

It’s on relational aesthetics and Christianity.
I hope you like it.




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4 responses to “New and Improved…

  1. Beth

    That dude is hot!

    Not you, the one at the top with the long hair.

  2. thoughtful article, wayne. Both creating art and the Christian faith can be solitary practices, but at the same time, they lack a wholeness if not experienced relationally.
    I haven’t read Bourriaud’s writings on relational aesthetics. Does he try to make a qualitative judgements on the effectiveness of the relationship with the viewer? is that even possible? Would he compare artworks based on the type of relationship they set up (dinner with strangers, for ex.) or does he even distinguish artworks and relationships as two different activities?
    And Wayne, you’re great. thanks for having this blog. mic

  3. Thanks Michelle,

    Great questions. I don’t know if I could say that he would make qualitative judgements on specific relational artworks, but he does have his favorites (Gabriel Orozco, Felix Gonzales Torres).


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