Snipe hunting…


So…today I became a sniper…an EZ-sniper.

My good friend Wesley Dumont sent me a link to to savvy-up my ebay’n.


What the @#$% is ezsniper?

ez sniper shoots bids for you at the last seconds of an eBay auction so you’ll probably win over people not sniping.

They give you 3 free snipes to try them out…so I did.

There was a geek part for a broked laptop I was given that would totally make it sweet again and I found it cheap on eBay.

So I decided to try it and see.

The auction got down to about two minutes…no bids for me.

Minute-thirty – nothin’

Minute left – nada

30 seconds – nope

20 seconds – someone else bid! (oh no!)

10 seconds – You are the current high bidder!

End – You won!


ezsniper is the poo for eBay poo.

Just don’t bid against me.



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