Keep on preachin…

So, I’m out tomorrow, so here’s a double!

Goin’ down to Philly, gunna eat myself a cheesesteak…

Here’s some thorough entertainment.

It turns out people are blogging about Rob Bell.

I mean, really.

Rev. Ken…really, I love that someone takes the time to respond to him.

This dude
gets mad props for actually being academic about it.

Here’s Rev. Ken’s site.

He contributes to this site.

It’s amazing. Just search Rob Bell or Brian Mclaren for some wacky hilarity.

Really, (I’m drying my eyes from laughing) this is a lot of effort. These people need constructive hobbies.

Following this should be a weekend -o- fun for everyone!

see ya!




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9 responses to “Keep on preachin…

  1. What can I say…some of us don’t have real lives and have nothing better to do after our kids are asleep than to sit and spar with “Reverend Ken” and his peeps. If you are entertained by my partner John’s post that you linked to above, you should sheck out the post I put up a few days ago (titled “A Letter to Reverend Ken”) and the 115+ comments (some VERY LENGTHY) that have been added to the discussion in connection to that post.

    Come to think of it, maybe I do need a constructive hobby!


  2. I’m afraid gentlemen that one day you won’t find this so funny. But I do forgive you because but for the Lord’s grace I would be one of the ones outside.

  3. Got home early from Philly, caught the full conversation.


    I’m raising my hands in what my wife would describe as typically “dork-style” given my lack of street cred (although I do live in Brooklyn).

    You totally get a wayneismyfriend t-shirt for posting in the wayne-o-sphere…for finding it and actually reading it (although, after reading that conversation, you’ve got some serious patience and you’ll read anything). Let me know if you want it.

    Check out my local genius list (the astro-physics is a bit dry). I think you’d like them.

    …the pirate schtick was priceless.

  4. Ken, Ken. If I took you and your arguments seriously, I would end up writing what John and Scott already wrote with painstaking effort and patience. Your articles are inflammatory and ridiculous. The post by John I first cited is my case in point.

    I know almost nothing about Brian Mclaren, however, I was attending Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, MI when Rob began his internship; listened to him under dr. Edward Dobson’s mentoring; heard his first Sunday sermon at Calvary Church; hung out with him on occasion as my best friend was drummer for his band; was at the last service there where they sent him and some others with their blessing to begin Mars Hill; and attended the first years of their services before and during graduate school. I’ve seen people changed by God through his ministry.

    One needs none of this familiarity to see that your accusations are sensational and plainly wrong.

    That said, you also get props for entering the wayne-o-sphere! You can also be my friend if you stop throwing sand and play nice.

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  6. word.

    I’m looking for some of the interesting/constructive sites with good discussion. I think I’ve given slice all I have patience for.

    I’ve found a few good blogs/sites through the process, but would love to see more linked.

  7. Annie Frisbie


    Would love to see some more commentary on your site. What is it about Rob Bell that draws you? I’m not familiar with him outside of the Christianity Today article, but have tons of skepticism for the Emergent movement, particularly Brian McLaren. I see an over-emphasis on (cheap) grace that smacks of “tolerance” and “liberalism” and that just might lead one to open theism & universalism, two heresies that need to be rejected.

  8. Yeah, I don’t know much about Mclaren – like anything.

    As far as I know Rob and his church Mars Hill don’t claim ties to the EC. I’ve never heard anything soft on the Gospel from him.

    His draw is both his very rigorous study in the scriptures, emphasis on things like understanding the Jewish context and communal aspects of the Bible and his embracing of science as not-heresy (but, well…science).

    He’s also one of the most gifted preachers I can think of right now.

    yes, I’m a fan.

    You can check out some videos they made of a few of his sermons at

  9. Annie,

    McLaren goes a bit off the deep end in my opinion – in both areas you highlight (open theism & universalism), along with using the questioning methodology not for the purpose of clarity, but to cloud issues…

    Bell, on the other hand, is primarily “guilty” of using solid scriptural analysis, neutral aspects of pop culture, and a down-to-earth style that avoids the use of “Christianese”, but teaches solid truths and applications. Because of his unusual approach and odd popularity (how can it be anything but odd that his opening sermon series, which drew thousands, were on Leviticus) have predictably driven ultra-fundamentalists nuts.

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